• Slaghmuylder Slag Pils 330ml

    Slag Pils is an easy drinking and thirst quenching, malty-hoppy, Belgian pils. Slag Pils is brewed by the 160-year-old Slagmuylder Brewery, founded on the original site of the Ninove Abbey.  Brewery...
  • Lindemans Faro 375ml
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    Lindemans Faro 250ml

    Medium bodied and traditional, sherbet-tart, dark faro lambic made from traditional gueuze beer, refermented in the bottle with Belgian candi sugar.
  • Jupiler Pils 330ml

    Jupiler is the No.1 beer in Belgium, the land of beers. The soft bitter lager is brewed using the best ingredients (malt, corn, water, hops and yeast), according to a...
  • Bavik Super Pilsner 330ml

    Bavik Super Pils. A true Belgian Pilsner, crafted by Brewery De Brabandere in Bavikhove, Belgium. This pilsner is uncompromised, brewed as it was in 1894. What makes Bavik a Super...
  • Blanche de Bruxelles Witbier 330ml

    This is the definitive example of a Belgian wit beer. Unfiltered and brewed with 40% wheat, the beer has a mellow, hazy light yellow body and a luxuriant snow white...
  • St Bernardus Wit 330ml

    St. Bernardus Wit is a traditional unfiltered Belgian white beer. It was developed in collaboration with Pierre Celis, the legendary master brewer who founded the Hoegaarden brewery, brewing their signature...
  • Brugse Zot Blond 330ml

    Brugse Zot Blond is a golden blond beer with a rich foam collar and a fruity yet spicy bouquet. The beer is brewed with four different kinds of malt and two...
  • Huyghe Paranoia 330ml

    Discover Huyghe's new light 5,6% alc, Hoppy IBU 40 Paranoia beer to enter the ultimate HOPPY universe where the HIPPO is king. Hazy blond beer. This beer has not been...
  • Lindemans Gueuze 375ml

    Lindemans Gueuze is a traditionally-brewed beer-style that originate from Brussels. This woody, fruity, magically musty spontaneous-fermentation beer aged in oak casks for up to two years before it is blended...
  • Delirium Argentum 330ml

    Hoppy Belgian strong beer brewed to celebrate 25 years of the Delirium range. Spicy, citrus, grapefruit, a hint of caramel in the nose. Full-bodied, intense and a touch of caramel....
  • Chimay Gold Cap 330ml

    The Chimay Gold, which is brewed in the heart of Scourmont Abbey, was for long reserved for the monastic community and its guests and staff. Its refreshing aromas of hops...
  • Lindemans Kriek 355ml

    A meeting with American importer Charles Finkel in the 1970s revolutionised the fruit beer segment. Charles convinced Lindemans to export their old kriek to the United States by boat. What...
  • Lindemans Apple 355ml

    We brew our famous Lindeboom Pilsener with a blend of hops and malt from the finest summer barleys. It is a refreshing sparkling golden yellow lager, renowned for its well-balanced...
  • Chimay Red Cap 330ml

    Chimay Red Cap is a dark brown colour with a sweet, fruity aroma and nutty character. It imparts a silky sensation to the tongue, made refreshing by a light touch...
  • Orval 330ml
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    Orval 330ml

    Orval is a very dry, herby beer which is idealas an aperitif and characterised by a bouquet of fresh hops, with a fruity note and pronounced bitterness. As with other...
  • Delirium Nocturnum 330ml
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    Delirium Nocturnum 330ml

    Initially, a very good mouthfeel of alcohol and softness. This is followed by an increasing bitterness, partially from the hop, but also from the roasted malt and chocolate malt. Towards...
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