• Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur 70cl

    This fine liqueur named after the mighty wizard of Wales has a wonderfully smooth, mellow and irresistible flavour. Merlyn is a unique magical blend of the finest Welsh malted barley...
  • Crawshay What's Occur' Gin Taffy Apple Gin Liqueur 50cl Crawshay What's Occur' Gin Taffy Apple Gin Liqueur 50cl
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    Crawshay What's Occur' Gin Taffy Apple Gin Liqueur 50cl

    To celebrate the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special, Hensol Castle Distillery have launched their very own limited edition Gin aptly named ‘What’s Occurin Gin’. "It’s a Taffy Apple flavour -...
  • Aperol Aperitivo 70cl

    Aperol is a lively drink that evokes the sociable Italian lifestyle, from pre-dinner conversation to an evening with friends and family in the piazza. An infusion of high-quality herbs and...
  • Frangelico 70cl
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    Frangelico 70cl

    Produced in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, Frangelico dates back more than 300 years to the presence of early monks living in the Piedmontese hills. They mastered the art...
  • Campari Bitter 70cl

    Campari is one of the world famous red Italian aperitif made by infusing bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit. Its secret recipe originated in Novara in 1860Campari has a velvety, pleasantly...
  • Southern Comfort 70cl

    One of the world's most famous liqueurs, Southern Comfort is made with American grain spirit and peaches and tastes great with traditional lemonade, or with vodka, orange & grenadine: the...
  • Aber Falls Violet Liqueur 70cl

    A smooth and refined fragrance with a light, delicate taste, sweet violet notes and a perfumed finish to contrast the palate. Found growing in a distinctive purple blanket along the...
  • Disaronno Amaretto 70cl

    Disaronno, the amber-coloured liqueur with the incomparable taste, dates back to 1525. Original since birth, Disaronno is the Italians best selling liqueur around the world. Smooth, velvety and full of...
  • Grand Marnier 70cl
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    Grand Marnier 70cl

    An ever-popular liqueur made with orange and fine old Cognac. Grand Marnier is uniquely based on Cognac, which is then blended with the distilled essence of bitter oranges to give...
  • Cartron Creme de Cassis 50cl

    Pure and fresh, very aromatic and expressive. The fruit dominates the warmth. In the mouth, the first wave is suave, ample and round. Good balance between the sugar and the...
  • Aber Falls Coffee and Dark Chocolate Liqueur 70cl

    A roasted coffee aroma to wake the senses, balanced with cocoa notes, creating deliciously rich flavours and a velvety, sweet finish. Inspired by the popular Espresso Martini, this liqueur perfectly...
  • Crawshay Violet Liqueur 50cl

    A floral gin liqueur from the Crawshay folks in Wales, this Sweet Violet expression comes in a suitably purple bottle. It's made by adding sweet Welsh violet flowers to a...
  • Aber Falls Salted Toffee Liqueur 70cl

    Smooth and velvety palate with hints of burnt sugar. A joyous harmony of salt and toffee flavours to satisfy your sweet tooth. In collaboration with Halen Môn PDO, we have...
  • Crawshay Rose Liqueur 50cl

    Think pink with this Rose Gin Liqueur from Crawshay over in South Wales. It's produced in the basement of the strikingly gothic Hensol Castle, with a base of the 15...
  • Cartron Creme de Framboise de Bourgogne 50cl

    Deep colour, finesse, round and extremely unique are the characteristics that make up Joseph Cartron’s Crème de Framboise de Bourgogne (Burgundy Raspberry Liqueur). Cartron’s fruit producers, located in the Hautes...
  • Liquoristerie de Provence Le Pastis du Liquor 70cl

    A complex and original recipe involving star anise, verveine and peppermint, this pastis does exactly what it was intended to do: refresh! In the heart of the Aix-en-Provence countryside, the...
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