• La Gitana Manzanilla, Bodegas Hidalgo 50cl

    La Manzanilla is a dry wine and the lightest and most delicate member of the Sherry region and can only be made in the coastal town of Sanlacar de Barrameda...
  • Classic Cream, Fernando de Castilla 75cl

    A rich amber colour. Fascinatingly complex with a light Christmas pudding nose of dried fruits, nuts, and a well flambéed crust. The rich concentrated flavours and tangy acidity are softened...
  • Classic Fino, Fernando de Castilla 75cl

    Pale in colour with just a hint of straw yellow at the rim.Powerful and acute on the nose, yet aromatic, intriguing and inviting. Sensuously textured rather than brittle, absolutely bone...
  • Classic Amontillado, Fernando de Castilla 75cl

    An extraordinarily fine, complex and sophisticated drink. Beautiful shining amber colour, fascinatingly complex raisined, nutty, tangy nose and a flavour, flatteringly sweet at first, easing into semi dry at the...
  • Classic Manzanilla, Fernando de Castilla 75cl

    Pale, straw yellow in colour. Decidedly tangy, yeasty and salty nose. Lighter, crisper and more crackly than its older sibling - Fino. The palate lures you in with soft apple...
  • Pedro Ximenez Triana, Bodegas Hidalgo 50cl

    Like liquid Christmas! Dark, rich and opulently sweet with a dried plum flavour and raisins on the nose. Pedro Ximénez Viejo ‘Triana’ is made from grapes which are initially allowed...
  • Bodegas Alvear Pedro Ximenez Solera 1927 37.5cl
    Sold Out

    Bodegas Alvear Pedro Ximenez Solera 1927 37.5cl

    Bodegas Alvear do not make Sherry. They make wines that taste a lot like sherry, look a lot like sherry and are as good as any sherry we have ever...
  • Pasada Pastrana Manzanilla, Bodegas Hidalgo 75cl

    Clean, delicate and faintly yeasty on the nose. Dry, light, crisp but tremendously complex on the palate. Classic notes of salted almonds and orange peel. Power and refreshment combine to...
  • La Gitana En Rama Manzanilla 75cl

    Intense, complex and balanced on the nose, this En Rama has a wonderful salty character influenced by the close proximity of the cellars in Sanlúcar de Barrameda to the sea...
  • Classic Pedro Ximenez, Fernando de Castilla 75cl

    Opaquely dark mahogany colour. The nose seduces with intense dried fruit aromas of raisins, prunes and dates, coupled with brown spices of nutmeg and clove, this becomes reminiscent of Christmas...
  • Antique Fino, Fernando de Castilla 50cl

    Rich and long with greater depth and complexity than a standard Fino - as such Jan refers to this as his 'Winter' Fino! Appealing salty tang and a long citrus...
  • Antique Oloroso, Fernando de Castilla 50cl

    Very pure and classic attributes, fine polished and beautifully crafted. Quite earthy and masculine. Very dry and aromatic with walnut, spices and orange peel notes. One of the most exceptional...
  • Antique Pedro Ximenez, Fernando de Castilla 50cl

    Delicious, seductive and rich sherry - an absolute must if you've not tasted PX before. Sheer luxury! Contains all the drama and intensity you would expect from a 20 year...
  • Antique Palo Cortado, Fernando de Castilla 50cl

    A fine rare wine, which combines the pure tangy nuttiness of Amontillado with the smooth smoky richness of Oloroso in an elegant complex style. One of the most exceptional of...
  • Antique Amontillado, Fernando de Castilla 50cl

    A very serious and austere sherry with the classic greenish amber tint, typical of aged amontillados of a rich golden colour. There is a real tang to both nose and...
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